Practice Public Challenges to Sharpen your Skills

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Web, OS, Forensics, Defence

A Brief History Of Creation

cyberSEC public challenges are hands-on practical scenarios where
talents can solve anytime to sharpen their skills in different cyber security fields.


Practice Public Challenges to Sharpen your Skills


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Web Hacking

This is focused on ethical hacking for freshers and new web developers. Nonetheless, that should not stop experienced ethical hackers or developers from having some fun! Good luck
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OS Hacking

This is focused on ethical hacking anyone who has a flair to learn OS hacking, this covers Windows,Linux and Android hacking at this moment.
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This is focused on how a cyber investigator tracks and busts an attackers hacking activities. This covers Packet forensics , log analysis, Memory forensics, network forensics.
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This is focused not just to mock how attackers attack. but also to see how we can defend such attacks being an administrator.
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Challenge in each modules

digiALERT CTF is a free , safe and legal cloud based training ground for Cyber Security Enthusiasts to test and expand their hacking skills.



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