Red Team Services

"Red teaming? More like bed dreaming. Time to catch some Zzz's while we hack into your systems."
"Why worry about vulnerabilities? Just invite the hackers over for tea and let them point out all the weaknesses for you."

Red Team Services

Red team services are a type of security assessment that involves simulating a cyber attack on an organization's systems, processes, and people to test their defenses and identify vulnerabilities. The goal of red teaming is to identify weaknesses in an organization's security posture and to provide recommendations for improving it. Red teaming is typically performed by a team of security experts who have a deep understanding of different types of attacks and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by attackers. Red teaming can be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that an organization's defenses are continuously improving and to identify any new vulnerabilities that may have emerged.

Red Team Services

At digiALERT, we offer comprehensive red team services that involve simulating realistic cyber-attacks on an organization's systems, infrastructure, people and processes to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Our team of cybersecurity experts use a variety of tactics and techniques to try and breach the organization's defenses, such as social engineering, physical penetration testing and network penetration testing. The goal of our red team services is to identify and mitigate potential threats before they can be exploited by actual attackers, and to help organizations improve their security posture. We can conduct these red team services on a regular basis or as a one-time assessment to identify specific areas of weakness and ensure that the organization is aware of them.

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key features
Red Team Services

Simulates real-world attack scenarios
Identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities
Evaluates effectiveness of current security measures
Assesses the security posture of an organization
Conducted by experienced and skilled professionals
Tests organization's defenses and response capabilities
Offers recommendations for improvement
Enhances security awareness and training
Provides an independent perspective
Customized to fit the unique needs of each organization

Types of
Red Team Services

As digiALERT, we offer a variety of red team services to assess the security posture of an organization. Our services include:

  1. External Red Team simulating an external attacker trying to breach the organization's systems and infrastructure.
  2. Internal Red Team simulating an insider threat, such as a disgruntled employee, trying to access sensitive information or cause damage to the organization.
  3. Physical Red Team assessing an organization's physical security measures, such as access controls, surveillance systems, and response to incidents.
  4. Social Engineering Red Team testing an organization's employees to see if they fall victim to social engineering attacks, such as phishing emails or phone calls.
  5. Red Team vs. Blue Team exercise involving a team of red team members simulating an attack on the organization, while a team of blue team members defends against the attack.
  6. Hybrid Red Team combining elements from different types of red team services to create a more comprehensive assessment of an organization's security posture. Our approach to red team services is to provide a comprehensive assessment of an organization's security posture and recommend necessary controls and measures to mitigate any identified vulnerabilities.

Statistics on
Red Team Services

In 2019, tech giant Microsoft conducted a red team exercise to identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems and improve their cybersecurity defenses.
In the same year, pharmaceutical company Pfizer employed a red team to test the security of their research and development systems, resulting in improvements to their defenses.
In 2020, financial services provider Fidelity Investments used a red team to identify and address potential security gaps in their systems, resulting in stronger protection against cyber threats.
Also in 2020, social media company Facebook conducted a red team exercise to test their defenses against potential election interference, resulting in enhancements to their security measures.
In the same year, energy company Southern Company used a red team to assess the security of their critical infrastructure systems, resulting in the identification and remediation of potential vulnerabilities.
In 2021, telecommunications company Verizon employed a red team to identify and address potential security issues in their systems, resulting in improved defenses and better protection against cyber threats.

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How do we do
Red Team Services

At digiALERT, we specialize in providing red team services which involves simulating a real-life attack on a company's security systems to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We use a variety of methods such as social engineering, physical penetration testing, and network penetration testing to accomplish this. The goal of our service is to test the effectiveness of a company's security measures and provide recommendations for improvement. Our team of experienced security professionals use various tools and techniques to try to gain unauthorized access to a company's systems and data, and this includes researching the company and its employees, as well as using sophisticated software and hardware to exploit vulnerabilities. The results of the assessment are then used to identify areas for improvement and to create a plan for strengthening the company's security posture to make it more resilient against future cyber-attacks.


Red team services are typically used by organizations to test their security measures and identify vulnerabilities in their systems, networks, and infrastructure. These services involve simulating a real-life cyber attack scenario, where a team of cybersecurity professionals, known as red teamers, act as attackers and try to exploit vulnerabilities in the target organization's systems. The goal of red team services is to identify any weaknesses or gaps in the organization's security posture and provide recommendations for improvement. Organizations may choose to use red team services for various reasons, such as to prepare for an actual cyber attack, to meet compliance requirements, or to evaluate the effectiveness of their current security measures.

How often is Red Team Services
When it would be performed

Red team services, also known as red teaming, is a method of testing the effectiveness of an organization's security measures by simulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a malicious actor. Red team services involve a team of security experts who perform penetration testing, social engineering, and other forms of testing to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization's security posture. These services are often recommended for organizations that want to ensure the robustness of their security measures, as well as for organizations that have suffered a security breach and want to improve their defenses. Red team services can be performed on a regular basis, such as annually or quarterly, or as needed in response to specific threats or changes in an organization's security environment.

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How are we

  1. Our red team services are led by experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of various attack vectors and can tailor the testing to your specific needs.
  2. We use advanced tools and techniques to simulate real-world attacks, ensuring that our assessments are as thorough and realistic as possible.
  3. Our red team assessments are designed to test the entire security stack, including people, processes, and technology.
  4. We provide detailed reports on the findings of our assessments, including recommendations for improving security posture.
  5. We offer ongoing support to help organizations implement the recommended changes and maintain a strong security posture.
  6. Our red team services can be customized to fit the needs and budget of any organization.
  7. We have a proven track record of helping organizations improve their security posture and reduce their risk of cyber attacks.
  8. Our team members are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to stay current with the latest threats and technologies.
  9. We offer a range of pricing options to fit the needs of organizations of any size.
  10. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable services that help our clients stay ahead of cyber threats.

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