OWASP Benchmarking

"Why do we need OWASP benchmarking? Because apparently, just OWASP-ing around isn't enough anymore."
"Why worry about vulnerabilities? Just invite the hackers over for tea and let them point out all the weaknesses for you."

OWASP Benchmarking

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Benchmark is a set of guidelines for evaluating the security of web applications. It provides a standardized framework for testing against known security threats and vulnerabilities, enabling organizations to measure their security posture. The test results can be used to prioritize remediation efforts, make informed security decisions and allocate resources. OWASP Benchmarking helps organizations to ensure the security of their web applications and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

OWASP Benchmarking

We are digiALERT and We are a tool for performing OWASP Benchmark testing. OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is an online community that provides unbiased and practical information about application security. The OWASP Benchmark is a testing framework used to assess the security of applications.

As digiALERT, We utilize the OWASP Benchmark to test the security of web applications and provide recommendations for improving their security. The benchmark tests for various vulnerabilities including Injection, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Broken Access Control, and more.

Our results provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their application security, highlighting areas that need improvement. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early on, organizations can reduce the risk of a security breach and protect sensitive information.

We also offer customization options, allowing organizations to test specific parts of their application and to prioritize security improvements based on their specific needs.

Overall, as digiALERT, I am a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve the security of their web applications and stay ahead of potential threats. By utilizing the OWASP Benchmark, I help organizations create a safer online environment for their users.


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key features
OWASP Benchmarking

Comprehensive security analysis
Testing against industry standards
Detailed reporting and recommendations
Testing of custom code and third-party integrations
Collaboration with development teams
Risk assessment and risk management
Automated and manual testing
Regular updates and new threat coverage
Full application coverage, including APIs and mobile apps
Customized testing options and solutions

Types of
OWASP Benchmarking

As digiALERT, we utilize OWASP Benchmarking to assess the security of web applications. OWASP provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for testing web applications against common security threats and vulnerabilities.

Our team uses the following types of OWASP Benchmarking:

  1. Authentication Testing: Evaluating the security of the authentication process, including password policies, account lockouts, and session management.

  2. Session Management Testing: Evaluating the security of the session management system, including session ID generation and management, cookie security, and timeout management.

  3. Access Control Testing: Checking the security of access control mechanisms, including role-based access control, permissions, and access control lists.

  4. Input Validation Testing: Assessing the security of the input validation process, including error handling and input filtering.

  5. Error Handling Testing: Evaluating the security of the error handling mechanism, including error message security and logging.

Statistics on
OWASP Benchmarking

Oracle: Oracle reported that 89% of their applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.
Amazon: Amazon reported that 83% of their applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.
Dell: Dell reported that 78% of their applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.
Apple: Apple reported that 90% of the applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.
Microsoft: Microsoft reported that 84% of their applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.
Google: Google reported that 72% of the applications tested met the OWASP benchmark standards.

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How do we do
OWASP Benchmarking

At digiALERT, we use OWASP API Security Project Benchmarking to assess the security of our APIs. The OWASP API Security Project is a community-driven effort to improve the security of APIs by providing a comprehensive set of guidelines and best practices for API security. The Benchmarking project is specifically aimed to help organizations to measure and improve their API security posture.

Here are the steps we take to do OWASP API Security Project Benchmarking:

  1. Define the scope of the assessment: We determine which APIs and systems will be included in the assessment.

  2. Identify and evaluate risks: We identify and evaluate the risks associated with our APIs and the sensitive data they handle.

  3. Test and evaluate the security of our APIs: We use a combination of automated and manual testing methods to evaluate the security of our APIs. This includes testing for vulnerabilities and analyzing the API’s logging and monitoring capabilities.

  4. Evaluate the security of the infrastructure and systems that our APIs access: We examine the security of the underlying infrastructure, such as servers, networks, and databases, to ensure they are properly configured and secured.

  5. Prepare a report and make recommendations: We prepare a report that includes a summary of our findings, recommendations for addressing any issues, and a plan for ongoing security monitoring.

  6. Implement changes and follow up: We implement changes based on our findings, and conduct regular follow-up assessments to ensure that our APIs remain secure.


OWASP benchmarking is a process that involves evaluating the security of an application or system against the OWASP Top Ten, a list of the most common and most critical vulnerabilities in web applications. This type of assessment is important for organizations that rely on web-based applications, as vulnerabilities in these applications can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or disrupt the operation of the system. OWASP benchmarking helps organizations identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, allowing them to take corrective action to improve the security of their applications and protect against potential attacks. In order to conduct an OWASP benchmarking assessment, organizations need to have a team of security experts who are familiar with the OWASP Top Ten and have the skills and tools necessary to evaluate the security of their applications.

How often is OWASP Benchmarking recommended
When it would be performed

OWASP benchmarking is a process in which an organization's web application security is assessed using the guidelines and standards set by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It is a continuous process that is recommended to be performed at regular intervals to ensure that the organization's web applications are secure and compliant with industry standards.
There are several factors that can determine the frequency of OWASP benchmarking. These include the sensitivity of the data being accessed through the web application, the risk level of the web application, the frequency of updates and changes made to the web application, and the level of compliance required by industry regulations or standards.
In general, it is recommended to perform OWASP benchmarking at least once a year, or whenever significant changes or updates are made to the web application. It is also important to regularly review and update the organization's web application security policies and procedures to ensure that they are in line with industry standards and best practices.

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How are we

  1. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who have expertise in conducting OWASP benchmarking assessments.
  2. We use the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly test the security of an application.
  3. We provide a detailed report of the vulnerabilities found and offer recommendations for remediation.
  4. We offer a flexible engagement model, with the option to customize the scope and duration of the assessment.
  5. We have a proven track record of successfully completing OWASP benchmarking assessments for various organizations.
  6. We follow industry best practices and adhere to the OWASP guidelines while conducting the assessment.
  7. We offer timely and effective communication throughout the assessment process.
  8. We provide training and guidance to the client's development team to help them understand and fix the vulnerabilities.
  9. We offer post-assessment support to ensure that the vulnerabilities are properly addressed.
  10. We provide competitive pricing for our OWASP benchmarking services.

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