Security Awareness Training and Compliance Overview

Security Awareness Training and Compliance are pivotal components of an organization's cybersecurity framework. They serve as the bedrock for safeguarding sensitive data, mitigating security threats, and ensuring that all stakeholders are well-versed in security protocols and regulatory obligations.

Security Awareness Training involves comprehensive education efforts to empower employees and stakeholders with cybersecurity knowledge. It equips them to identify potential security risks, respond effectively to incidents, and cultivate a proactive security mindset. Key training areas encompass recognizing and thwarting phishing attempts, implementing stringent password policies, safely handling sensitive data, defending against social engineering tactics, and maintaining the security of devices. Continual, customized training programs are instrumental in nurturing a culture of heightened security awareness within the organization.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering cybersecurity best practices and compliance.
  • Interactive learning with simulations and quizzes.
  • Phishing simulations to enhance threat recognition.
  • Reporting tools for tracking progress and compliance.
  • Certification options upon completion.
  • Regular content updates to address evolving threats.
  • Expert instructors and subject matter experts.
  • Gamified elements for engagement.
  • Emphasis on fostering a security-conscious culture.
  • Mobile compatibility for flexible learning.

Security Awareness Training and Compliance Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Security
  • Understanding the Importance of Security
  • Types of Security Threats
  • Consequences of Security Incidents

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Security Awareness Training and Compliance Certification

Completing a training course offers advanced program knowledge and hands-on experience, but certification adds official recognition. It not only grants a professional degree but also fosters extensive learning and lucrative job opportunities. Key benefits of Security Awareness Training and Compliance Certification include enhancing the skills of ethical hackers and penetration testers, mastering security practices for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities, and gaining ethical hacking expertise, often resulting in security rewards.

Certify organization

Becoming a certified professional is crucial for those seeking a career in Security Awareness Training and Compliance Certification. An excellent choice for training and certification is Digisec, a renowned organization specializing in various aspects of cybersecurity. They prioritize delivering top-quality solutions through meticulous analysis of business operations and applications. Digisec offers a wide range of professional courses, including Security Awareness Training and Compliance Certification, making it the ideal choice for gaining an enriched learning experience and advancing your career.

Get Placement by DigiAlert

  • Enhanced chances of securing internships or placements with multinational corporations.
  • Strong industry connections through the training institutions.
  • Opportunities to join top companies like Google, IBM, Linux, and others in the cybersecurity and compliance sector.

Security Awareness Training and Compliance Features

  • Real-like project implementation
  • Fully-equipped lab sessions
  • Hands-on delivery of essentials of security detail including penetration and ethical hacking.
  • Live web application penetration technique 
  • A comprehensive approach to exploiting diverse web applications and platforms

Security Awareness Training and Compliance Benefits

  • You will be gaining hands-on experience under certified professionals.
  • Flexible hours of training.
  • Access to fully-equipped virtual labs.
  • 100% placement and internship support.
  • Certification upon completion.
  • Make use of the latest technology and hacking tools to enrich your knowledge and learn new things.

Who should attend Security Awareness Training and Compliance

  • Ethical hackers
  • Software engineer
  • Professionals looking for an advanced course option to gain development skills.

Skills u will gain after the course

  • Enhanced cybersecurity awareness and threat recognition.
  • Proficiency in data protection and compliance standards.
  • Effective incident response and reporting skills.
  • Competence in ethical hacking, access control, and fostering a security-conscious culture.

Bug Bounty Training Program (Online) Pre Requisites

  • Basic analytical skills

  • Understanding the fundamentals of ethical hacking

  • Basic knowledge of cyber security

  • Working knowledge of programming languages and computer networks including Firewall.

Bug Bounty Training Program Learning Roadmap

Register with your chosen top-tier organization.
Receive a certification upon successful course completion.
Engage in comprehensive theoretical and hands-on lessons.
Participate in immersive virtual labs to gain practical experience.
Follow a systematic step-by-step learning process with industry experts.
Achieve full syllabus mastery.
Learning with professionals means a proper step-by-step procedure.
Sign up and enroll for the course in an organization you deem to be the best.
Start your syllabus and learn knowledge through both theory and practical lessons.
Get hands-on experience by being a part of virtual labs.
Completion of the syllabus.
Earn a certificate of training or professional course upon completion.
  • Those interested in ethical hacking and scanning vulnerabilities to ensure proper cyber security and protection.
  • He/she must be an undergraduate or postgraduate in a related field.

Individuals undertaking this course will find it a pleasure to know the number of virtual labs they can access. Not only will they be able to make use of free virtual labs online and test their skills in real life-like situations, but they will also have the added benefit of being a part of the virtual labs the course has to offer. Providing a virtual lab equipped with all the latest technology and hacking tools is one of the best perks of this course. It will help the student to gain an enriched hands-on experience and deal with problems in a unique manner.

What is the Bug Bounty Training fee?

Some bugs are worth their weight in gold: According to HackerOne, the average bounty paid for major vulnerabilities climbed by 8% year over year to $3,650, with the average amount given per vulnerability being $979. Around 8% of all reports are for critical vulnerabilities, whereas 21% are for high severity vulnerabilities.
The hunter of bugs shall be rewarded with bountiful knowledge.

1 Week Package

  • Remote training through online platforms.
  • Offers virtual classrooms or self-paced modules.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced learners.
  • Provides online forums, chat support, and Q&A sessions.
₹ 35999
Finding bugs is like finding hidden treasures.

1 Month Internship

  • Online internship program with practical experience and mentorship.
  • Tailored for individuals with limited experience.
  • Regular guidance and feedback from mentors.
  • Remote training within the organization for interns.
₹ 45999

FAQ - Q & A style

1. How does a bug bounty program work?
Ans: A bug bounty program employs a competitive model which leverages the use of ethical hackers to detect and submit bugs (also known as vulnerabilities), within the digital assets of an organization. It also has the potential for rewards.


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