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DigiAlert is a rapidly growing new-age premium cyber security services firm. We are also the trusted cyber security partner for more than 500+ enterprises across the globe.

What Is DigiAlert?

The company

digiALERT is a rapidly growing Information Security Services Organization. Our focus is on three areas: Client Security, Research & Development and Information Security Education.


As Services

digiALERT helps organisations define security processes and implement solutions to reduce security risk, prevent data breaches, maintain compliance and expedite business objectives.


As Training

digiALERT has curated Information Security Training Programs under various categories. People across geographies and domains are
getting benefitted attending the trainings.

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Our High Level Offerings

Risk assessments

We help organizations understand their vulnerabilities and identify potential risks to their systems and data

Security testing

We test the effectiveness of an organization's security measures and provide recommendations for improvement.


We help organizations understand and meet the various regulatory requirements related to cyber security.

Incident response

In the event of a security breach, we provide support and guidance to help organizations respond effectively and minimize the impact.

Training and education

We offer a range of training programs to help organizations and their employees understand and manage cyber security risks.

Our Training

Why should you choose our training?

At digiALERT, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and threats in the field of cybersecurity. That's why we offer training that is expertly designed to meet the specific needs of the industry. Our trainers, at digiALERT, have extensive experience and knowledge in cybersecurity, ensuring that you receive top-quality training. Our training includes hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, preparing you for real-life situations. We also offer flexibility, customizing our training to meet the needs of your organization and delivering it on-site or remotely. Not only that, but our training may help you prepare for industry-recognized certifications, enhancing your professional credentials. In addition, our training is cost-effective and can save your organization time and resources in the long run by reducing the risk of cyber attacks. At digiALERT, we also provide continuous support to our clients to ensure that their cyber security needs are always met.

Our Service

Why should you choose our service?

When it comes to cybersecurity consulting, choosing the right provider is essential to ensure that an organization's valuable assets are fully protected against potential cyber threats. At digiALERT, our team of cybersecurity experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the latest cybersecurity technologies and threats, enabling us to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our range of cybersecurity services includes consulting, training, and implementation of advanced cybersecurity technologies and best practices, providing organizations with the highest level of protection against potential threats. Our commitment to continuous support and guidance ensures that our clients' cybersecurity measures remain up-to-date and effective. At digiALERT, we understand that cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape, and our solutions are designed to help organizations stay ahead of potential threats. Choosing digiALERT as a cybersecurity consulting provider means having a dedicated team of experts on your side, fully committed to protecting your valuable assets against potential cyber threats.

Our Clients

We Are Trusted Worldwide Peoples

We offer a range of cyber security services, including consulting, training, deployment, implementation, and monitoring. Our services are designed to help organizations secure their networks and systems, and build a strong security culture. We have expertise in a variety of industries, including Banking-Finance-Insurance, IT and Consulting, Telecommunications, Research & Development and Government.


digiALERT is a rapidly growing new-age premium cyber security services firm. We are also the trusted cyber security partner for more than 500+ enterprises across the globe. We are headquartered in India, with offices in Santa Clara, Sacremento , Colombo , Kathmandu, etc. We firmly believe as a company, you focus on your core area, while we focus on our core area which is to take care of your cyber security needs.