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In an era where digitalization permeates every aspect of our lives, cybersecurity emerges as a paramount concern. The rapid evolution of technology has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for innovation and connectivity,...

In today's digitally driven world, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Safeguarding nations and organizations from cyber threats is a global imperative. Recognizing the necessity for cross-border collaboration in this critical domain,..

In today's high-tech world, everything is connected through computers and the internet. While this makes life easier, it also brings new problems, like cyber attacks. These attacks can harm businesses and people.....

During the 113th Annual General Meeting of SICCI, held on July 7, 2023, our esteemed CEO, Mr. Vinod Senthil.T, played a pivotal role as the Moderator. The event revolved around the crucial topic of "Information Security Today: Perspectives, Policies & Best Practices." Distinguished guests,..


digiALERT is a rapidly growing new-age premium cyber security services firm. We are also the trusted cyber security partner for more than 500+ enterprises across the globe. We are headquartered in India, with offices in Santa Clara, Sacremento , Colombo , Kathmandu, etc. We firmly believe as a company, you focus on your core area, while we focus on our core area which is to take care of your cyber security needs.